Trust the Process

If there's more, I want it. There it is, my approach to running and entertainment and work and love, wrapped up in six little words. The six-word memoir is one of my favorite writing exercises. Inspired by Hemingway's legendary short story "For sale: baby shoes, never worn," six-word stories force the writer to focus on … Continue reading Trust the Process

It’s Actually Only A Little Bit Hard Being Green

Left to my own devices, I'd eat Hershey kisses, guacamole, and Diet Coke for breakfast. Imagine that life... I'd be free! I'd be happy! I'd weigh 600 pounds and have lost all my teeth! It's possible this might affect my running. I need rules. I need boundaries. As someone who historically makes bad decisions, it helps to leave … Continue reading It’s Actually Only A Little Bit Hard Being Green

Up and Over

Hills demand respect. The hill won't budge, and it won't change its incline. The hill doesn't care that it's hard. It doesn't care that you're tired. The hill was here first. If you decide to climb, the change needs to come from you. I've been running hills more regularly recently, and they are completely kicking my … Continue reading Up and Over