Cheering Section

Being sore after a race is expected. Aches? Blisters? They're about as mandatory and medals and free t-shirts. Today I achieved a first -- I managed to leave a race sore without even running. My throat hurts from cheering. My hands hurt from clapping. My cheeks hurt from smiling. A loved one completed a community 10k, and I was completely swept … Continue reading Cheering Section

Friendly Reminder: Be Nice

If you've participated in any type of community race, you've run amongst tutus. They're everywhere. They're silly, they're festive, they mask imperfect butts and thighs. A little childish?  Sure. A bit stupid? Perhaps. But deserving of nationwide ridicule? Of course not. A good reason to mock someone who has cancer and runs a nonprofit? Hellllllllll no. … Continue reading Friendly Reminder: Be Nice

Do You Even Lift, Bro?

I'm not afraid of much, but the weights section of the gym terrifies me. Not the equipment itself (although that can be daunting), but the the other weightlifters. They're big. They're strong. They know what they're doing. At my local gym, most weightlifters fall into one of two categories: hulking, grunting muscle bots or tan, beautiful selfie-takers who want … Continue reading Do You Even Lift, Bro?