One Step at a Time

I’ve been awfully quiet lately. I haven’t been running as much and I haven’t been writing as much, and I certainly haven’t been writing about running very much at all. Priorities changed a few months ago, and recently everyone’s been focusing (correctly) on calling our senators daily and marching for our lives. Amidst all this, there seemed little I could say in this space that warranted anyone’s time. I mean, the Nazis are back and the icecaps are melting, so why would anyone spend their precious energy reading about a mediocre middle-aged runner? I admit I’ve had more than a handful of dark days where I struggle to find the motivation to get out of bed, lace up my shoes, and run.

Life is never going to be easy, but on occasion we get a boost from an unexpected source.

An acquaintance invited me to run a race together. She’s someone I know and respect, but we never socialize outside of our periodic chats about running. I was touched that she asked, and immediately reminded why I love the running community. Running requires individual strength, but thrives on solidarity. Each race is against yourself and the clock, so another runner’s speed doesn’t make you slower. Rather, we’re inspired by others and work to motivate one another. We’re all in this together.

That said, the individual piece of the puzzle cannot be underestimated. I need to do some serious work on myself, and no one’s going to do it for me. I registered for a half marathon in October, which means I’m starting the process of spreadsheets and training and being extra mindful of what I eat. It’s the same way we achieve anything — it seems impossible at first, but small daily steps (most of which no one else will ever even notice) eventually build up to a critical mass. Training will be a challenge. I can’t wait.

Registering for a new race gave me a jolt of motivation and perspective. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and no one survives alone. The world is scary, and we can only face it one day at a time. All I know is that we can’t give up. Whether you’re working on resistance training or training for The Resistance, we need to stay strong, and we need to stay connected.

Take care of yourselves. And take care of each other.



One thought on “One Step at a Time

  1. ‘Whether you’re working on resistance training or training for The Resistance, we need to stay strong, and we need to stay connected.’ Damn, hit me right in the feels.

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