Rows and Columns

Spreadsheets give me immense satisfaction. I’m baffled how anyone gets anything done without them. Seeing data plotted out so neatly, in nice straight rows and columns makes any task seem possible. 

I established my training plan today, and it feels terrific. My Excel document is a tidy, concrete way to hold myself accountable without getting overwhelmed. (Bonus nerd points for the accompanying charts and graphs). 

13.1 miles is scary. It’s a long distance, and a lot to ask of your body. A half marathon is not to be not to be taken lightly. But two miles here, three miles there? Slowly building up with cushion for setbacks? It’s not so scary when it’s broken down. 

Parts of training cannot be planned. There will be days when I am sick, or hurt. Days with horrible weather, or personal emergencies. Days when I don’t want to. Days when I don’t feel like it. 

But I DO want to finish this race, and I’ve committed that to writing. My spreadsheet has been saved, printed, and stuck to the fridge as a daily reminder. I may stray on occasion, but my path is in order.

Bottom line: I have a plan! I can do this.


Originally published 1/23/13

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